Be a Great One

Employee Assistance Programs

Many companies who would like to provide access to qualified counselors for employees and their families simply lack the budget to hire and in-house counselor. Therefore, this is one of the most commonly outsourced HR service. All EAP counseling sessions are private and confidential, making it easier for employees to receive the help they need to cope with family issues or other challenges they may face.

Drug Testing and Background Checks

Drug testing is another function that is commonly outsourced. In fact, some states require that such testing be performed by an outside testing facility. Many employers also want all employees to undergo a background check and credit check as part of the hiring process.


Payroll functions are sometimes assigned to a company's accounting department, but other companies give these duties to HR. In either case, you may choose to transfer all payroll functions to your PEO.

Benefits Administration

Benefits such as medical, dental, health and life insurance, as well as 401k and other retirement plans, can all be effectively handled by a qualified PEO. Recruiting The recruitment process also lends itself easily to outsourcing. A variety of firms offer services ranging from providing a temporary workforce to screening and recruiting for upper-level executive and managerial positions.


Consulting Some in-house HR personnel lack the expertise to create compensation programs for sales and executive staff. Outside consultants with expertise in total compensation can design custom plans that can motivate sales team members, other employees as well as executives to achieve optimum performance.

• Handling payroll and employment taxes

• Ensuring human resources compliance

• Managing workers’ compensation

• Overseeing workplace safety and risk management

• Providing and managing employee benefits and retirement programs

• Ensuring compliance with employment-related laws

• Providing resources and guidance toward increased productivity

• Recruiting, including applicant tracking and testing, job postings and background checks

• Benefits Administration, including insurance, Section 125 plans, consulting and COBRA

• HR Management, including employee handbooks, manuals, compensation and training

• HR Technology functions such as HRIS, reporting and payroll/benefits integration

• Total Outsourcing, involving complete replacement of the in-house HR function