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Customer Management

Customer management at Flex is driven by analytics, to uncover actionable insights that can increase revenue, reduce cost and deliver the right customer experience. As the digitization of services continues to accelerate, customer preferences globally have changed dramatically. Digital channels such as web, mobile and social are increasingly the preferred channels of choice for consumers. Getting it right in this new world requires a seamless approach to connect your customer journeys across telephone, web, mobile and social  customer experience has now become a compelling differentiation. The challenges of this new landscape include unpredictable transaction volumes, the need to reduce costs and the availability of a true multi-channel service.

     The rise of digital in customer management

While traditional contact channels such as telephone are far from dead, the continued proliferation of new digital channels and rising customer expectations means that brands must evolve or risk falling behind. Today’s customers want to be able to interact with brands using a single ‘channel’  their smart phone or tablet, making concepts like ‘multi channel’ and ‘Channel shift’ increasingly irrelevant. Consumers can access every channel 24/7 through a single device, yet many brands continue to force their customers to interact on their terms. Channels seldom operate in isolation and seamless escalation paths between channels mean that queries can be resolved quickly with minimal extra effort from the customer – think of an email or social media conversation moving to telephony – all with the same agent.

Flex offers intelligent,transformation services across the customer life cycle 

Flex has a proven track record of helping brands achieve digital advantage and designing contact strategies that maximize the benefits of each channel, reducing customer effort and increasing ease of use. Our people are experts in delivering smart digital engagement, supported by superior analytics and intelligent insights, over a variety of channels including web chat, mobile and social networks. We help brands make the most of their biggest asset – their customers  by developing creative solutions that include the management and growth of online communities as a customer contact channel.