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Back-Office Support

Back Office Support functions are roles that are not directly related to customer support but do enhance customer experience.


Data Research for a B2B SaaS Company

As a rapidly growing company, our client’s data needs skyrocketed as they on boarded thousands of new clients. Nearly 2 billion IP addresses had to be paired with corresponding company attributes. To maintain their brand promise, the company needed to implement a salable data process that ensured data accuracy. Unfortunately, completing data research in-house was costly and unrealistic as the demand for data fluctuated. Third-party data providers offered competitive pricing, but struggled to live up to the company’s strict quality standards. It sought a strategic business partner that could supply verified company attribute data, at scale, with cost efficient pricing.

Outsourcing Back Office Operations

While cost reduction and labor arbitrage are certainly a part of outsourcing’s allure for some corporations, it’s worth noting that the practice originated as a means of helping organizations focus on core activities amid corporate expansion instead of utilizing existing, higher value employees to administer to operational tasks. Nowhere was this need more evident than in the operations that collectively constituted the “back office.”

Back Office Outsourcing

The term “back office” comes from the original layout of a traditional business where the “front office” handled revenue-generating activities such as sales and customer service, while the back offices were reserved for operations that served a critical administrative role such as accounting, information technology and more. Today, with the rise the of the e-commerce industry, back office operations have expanded to include processes like photo retouching, content moderation and more, but the principle remains the same.